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Preview Module


Escape the 8-Bar Loop shows you how to build a climax in your song structure, with 5 simple steps.

It's structured to take you through each lesson in order so you literally can not get lost.

After you learn the technique, you'll be able to turn all your old sessions into finished tracks, and start new ideas without worrying that they're never going to go anywhere.

Take a look at what we do in each module below.  For more details, click into the lessons in the blue boxes. 


• Syllabus & Overview
• Backup your work
• Clear space
• Label your channels
• Color-coding groups
• How Bus Groups help with mixdown, live Dub improvising, and generally not losing your mind


• How loops become phrases
• Editing audio clips
• Automation
• Key commands
• Editing MIDI clips
• Principles of Composition


• What goes in the Drop
• Bass & Drums layering
• Building a Climax / Peak
• Intro / Outro / Breakdowns
• Improvising


• What are Transitions
• How to build Transitions
• Reverb & Delay
• AUX channel review
• Drum Fills & Drum breaks


• Mapping your controllers
• FX on Send/Return tracks
• Making FX from your original sounds (organic FX)
• Performing the whole song with Session View
• Recording into Arrangement


• Bleeps & Sweeps Risers Instrument
• Crash Cymbals Drum Rack
• The Hypnotizor Delay/Glitch FX Rack
• Master Channel FX rack
• Printable PDF guides for support, like "Principles of Composition" and "What Goes In The Drop


For even more specific details about what's included, click into the blue Lessons boxes.

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