How To Leave The Perfect Comment

How To Leave The Perfect Comment

How To Leave The Perfect Comment


Now, most people don't want to criticize someone else's music; nobody wants to say nasty things or sound like a total dick.

But that stops us from sharing our music and getting valuable feedback from other producers.

So I came up with a way you can leave really useful comments on other people's tracks, without being a mastering engineer or an Ableton ninja.

And without being mean or critical.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Play a track from the weekly NEW TRACKS post.
  2. Listen for something you notice — a sound you like, or a moment that's epic, or a spot where the mix needs to change a little.
  3. Mark the time in the song where it happens, in minutes & seconds.
  4. Start a comment about it. Write the time stamp first and tell the person what you noticed.

That's all you have to do. This will work no matter what your experience level is.

Let's see what it looks like in action.


“1:17 I like the synth sound that starts here, how did you make that?”

“3:29 this bassline feels like it is getting lost under all. the other sounds, can you maybe cut one element out?”

“2:45 feels like it’s about to drop, is there a huge beat coming?”

“5:11 why did this stop? I wanted more…”

“0:53 omg these drums sound amazing, how did you get your drums so loud?”


  1. Start with a time stamp in minutes:seconds
  2. Mention one detail you noticed
  3. Ask a question about that detail

That is as easy as it gets, my friend.

Lesson Activity / Homework


People love the time stamp because it gives them a super-specific reference point for what you’re talking about.

And when YOU get a time-stamp comment, it lets you go to that exact spot in the track and listen again, to understand what the person is talking about.

If you're a beginner, ask a question about how they made a sound, so you can learn.

If you're more advanced, ask if they could do one thing to improve the track, and suggest what it might be.

This way the Timestamp Comment helps everyone, and all the people who read it get to pick up new tips & tricks as well.



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