simple MIXDOWN strategy



This course brings you through a simple process that you can use in any session, no matter what size.

There are a few basic steps I do in every mix to clean up each sound, bring it to the right level within its channel, and then mix it with all the other sounds.

Start with the Teaser Content to learn some basics you'll need to understand --like gain staging, signal:noise ratio, distortion, etc.

The Rules & The Tools

7 Lessons

These are some fundamental audio engineering basics that you need to understand, like pre-requisites. These will help to make your mixdown process make sense.  Click in and learn.

View Teaser Module
High Pass Filter
Noise Gate
EQ (cut before you boost)
Dynamics & Compression
Gain Staging
the Stereo Field
Bus Groups and Routing FX
FX basics: reverb and delay
Master Channel FX