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This is a completely new way to learn Ableton music production because you learn by DOING IT -- not watching a bunch of videos.

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How To Leave The Perfect Comment

1 Lessons

The best thing you can do is share your tracks and get feedback from other producers.  Here's how.

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Do a Session Lesson™

3 Lessons

A revolutionary new kind of tutorial. This hands-on guided Ableton Project will show you how much better it is to Learn By DOING IT.

Free Presets

10 Lessons

Custom Instruments, FX Racks and Channel Strips for Live10 and Live9...  all macro-mapped with simple controls.

How This Site Works

5 Lessons

Hey , this is the future of learning.  Interactive, organized and actually fun.  Unlock your creativity, get new Ableton skills and let's make some tracks!

The Story of Mixitecture

4 Lessons

Find out more about Steve Knots and the mixitecture mission.

Intro to Mixing

7 Lessons


Some basics on what mixing and mastering are all about, to help you make better mixes without making the common mistakes.

Intro To EQ's

8 Lessons

Find out what the basic kinds of EQ's and Filters are so you can start using them to make crisp, clean mixes that sound super-pro.