How To Setup A Compressor



This introductory course will help you wrap your head around the concept of compression, with a simple process for using compression at basic level.  

It will help you understand WHEN you need to use compression, HOW to dial it in, and how to really hear what the compressor is doing.

By the end, you'll be able to make general compression settings for drums, instruments, vocals and the master channel -- without "just turning knobs".

Start learning how to get that really solid pumping effect that makes your whole track bounce and move!

Get to know the Controls

6 Lessons

First let's get to know what all the knobs are.

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Step One: Normalize It

7 Lessons

What normal means.

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Step Two: the Process to hear it
Compressor Exercises

6 Lessons

practice exercises for you to use compression on different sounds and compare your work to my examples.

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Bonus Presets & Racks

5 Lessons

These work better in chains with two compr and a limiter.  A few examples and then presets to save.

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