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Welcome to mixitecture! 

This is a system I developed for making electronic music, after 20 years of making beats on MIDI samplers, synths and sequencers. 

It applies perfectly to Ableton and that's what I'm going to show you, inside my revolutionary hands-on guided session lessons.

You'll find out what the 3 main steps of electronic music production are, what you have to do in each step, and why it makes people LOVE your music when you do. 


These revolutionary new tutorials are built inside Ableton Projects, and they're the best way to learn music production in 2018. 

They're light-years beyond videos because you actually learn by doing it with real sounds and plugins, not watching more videos on Youtube.

This helps to unblock your creativity, get the music out of your head, and put it into the speakers where you can share it.


Sign up for this free product using the form below, go to the Intro Lessons sections, and download the hands-on guided Live Packs. 

All the instructions you need are inside, and I'll follow up by email to make sure you get it working.

There's no monthly fee, this is purely a free product, because I want you to learn this stuff.

Welcome to mixitecture! Let's make some tracks.

-Steve Knots


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6 Lessons

The big picture, the steps of music production, and how to get people ADDICTED to your music.

Sound Design Intro Lesson

4 Lessons

sound design: download your guided Live Pack here and play with a hands-on lesson in Operator synth.

Song Form Intro Lesson

5 Lessons

song form: download your guided Live Pack here and see how it works to build a whole song in Session View.  Stop building tracks in the timeline!


MixDown: Intro Lesson

3 Lessons

mixdown: download your guided Live Pack and do a little Glue Compressor lesson.  Start learning how to make your mixes transfer to every size sound system.

Who is Steve Knots?

5 Lessons

Get to know me a little better, hear a few favorite tracks from my discography, and find out why I am on a mission.

How I Got Un-Stuck

7 Lessons

Yep, all this actually happened, from the taco truck to the giant knife under the turntable, and everything in between.

How This Site Works

5 Lessons

Hey , this is the future of learning.  Interactive, organized and actually fun.  Find out how to unlock secret surprises in this site.