The MXT Production System



If you’re new to making beats, you might think it’s some magic process where people just fool around with a bunch of loops and come up with a hit track at the end.

Far from it. If you don’t have a system for how to get from the first idea through to the final mixdown, you’re going to waste a LOT of precious studio time, and that does NOT feel good.

The mxt production system makes it simple.

This is the basis of everything we do in mixitecture, and it will give you a solid foundation for your Ableton production.

Here's how this system helps you make original electronic music that you can feel good about, instead of banging your head on your desk all night.

  1. You'll find out how to make music that really connects with people, so they want to hear it again and again.
  2. You’ll learn the 3 main things every track needs
  3. You'll find out the right order to do them
  4. What the goal of each step is
  5. And what makes them connect to the crowd
  6. You'll get a recipe for how to do each phase of production
  7. And a map of the overall process, so you know what you still need to learn about production.

Learning these basics will be useful for the rest of your electronic music production life.

This will let you easily create new tracks from scratch instead of copying somebody else's template.

You'll be able to return to your old projects, understand why they didn't work before, and easily fix them.

And going forward you'll be even be able to troubleshoot other people's music to know why it does -- or does not -- make us feel good.

Can you say, DJ SUPERPOWERS??!!

This system comes from the days of DAW-less production with MIDI hardware samplers, synths and sequencers.

It's been working since then and it’s gonna keep working in the future, because these are the basics.

This stuff is so valuable, it should cost $100,000.  That's how powerful it is to get your production moving.

But I want this to help as many people as possible, so I'm giving it to you free.

Let's get the music out of your head and into the speakers.


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9 Lessons

The big picture, the steps of music production, and how to get people ADDICTED to your music.