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Monthly Production Challenge

Think you can make a track in four weeks? I'll give you the sounds, the encouragement, and a deadline. The rest is up to you...

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Production tips, tricks and tools. This section is packed with freebies to help you make tracks. Come on in, it's free for everyone.

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The mxt production system

Learn the 3 things you need to make your music connect with the crowd... and how to troubleshoot your track when it's not working.

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Escape the 8-Bar Loop

Stop fighting against the timeline! Learn to build your song structure in Session View instead, and create the CLIMAXES that turn your loops into complete tracks.

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Essential Basics of Sound Design

Learn the basic functions of a synthesizer, so you can design your own sounds from scratch and make your tracks sound ORIGINAL.

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Sidechain Compression

Learn how to get your kick drum and bassline working together for that tight low-end SUB BASS sound that's so essential for electronic music.

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Master Channel FX Lesson

Learn how to make your tracks sound bigger, deeper, wider, and LOUDER on every sound system where people play them. 

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EQ8: Presets for Electronic Music

Want to get a clean, crisp, pro-sounding mix? These presets give you the right frequencies to cut & boost on your kick drums, basslines, vocals and synths.

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Essential Basics | Song Form

How to turn your arrangement into a live set and put a CLIMAX in your tracks.

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