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Escape the 8-Bar Loop: Build Your Song Form

Making beats is easy, making a song structure is not.  Don't fall into the trap of trying to build your songs in the timeline, like they do in every other DAW... There's a much better way to do it. Click in here to find out how.  Only for Ableton users.

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EQ8: Presets for Electronic Music

Want to get a clean, crisp, pro-sounding mix? These presets give you the right frequencies to cut & boost on your kick drums, basslines, vocals and synths.

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Sidechain Compressor Starter Kit

A hands-on lesson in how to setup and use sidechain compression to make your kick drum pop out in the mix.  Learn real audio engineering both for technical low-end mixing and creative sound design.

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Master Channel FX: Get a Deep, Wide & Loud Mix

This hands-on lesson will show you the difference between mixing and mastering, with an FX rack that makes your tracks sound bigger, fuller, brighter and LOUDER. Learn the basic process for getting a finished sound that stands up to pro tracks!

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Essential Basics | Song Form

Build a Peak & Drop a Beat.  This free product is a collection of my favorite tricks for making tracks. Got sounds?  Click in and get some help building them into actual songs.

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Essential Basics | Sound Design

Develop your own unique sonic style! Learn the basics of synthesizer editing & sound design, so you can make your own sounds from scratch, create the sounds you hear in your head, and fix that one little thing without messing up the whole sound.




The Mixitecture System: START HERE

Welcome to mixitecture! Start here and find out about these revolutionary new hands-on Ableton lessons that teach you production techniques from right inside the program.  Learn by doing it!  Sign up, get instant access and see for yourself...

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