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Where Are You Stuck???

This is a problem-solving system to help you unblock your creativity and bring your tracks to life. Click the red button to activate your free user account and get started.  No credit card required, no monthly fee.


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Oscillator Waveforms

Learn the basic Oscillator waveforms and how they sound.  The first step in modular & subtractive synthesis. Also useful for understanding LFO shapes as modulators.

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EQ8: Presets for Electronic Music

These presets for EQ8 will help you shape your kick drums, basslines, vocals and synths to make them pop out through the mix.

They also help you find the right place to cut the muddy, wooden, flubby, boxy, nasal and scratchy frequencies out of your sounds.

Sometimes the best way to learn EQ'ing is to hear some professional settings that give you a little guidance.


Sidechain Compression Starter Kit

Want some help with sidechain compression? Get this guided Live Pack and learn how to:

  • Set up an Ableton compressor for sidechaining
  • Make a super-tight bassline & kick drum mix
  • Do creative sound design with sidechain compresson on a group of synths

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Escape the 8-Bar Loop

Stop building your tracks in the timeline!  Escape the 8-Bar Loop shows you how to do it in Session View, with hands-on lessons for making Peaks, Drops and Transitions that bring your track to a CLIMAX.