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How To Escape the 8-Bar Loop

Escape the 8-Bar Loop is a Song Form course where you learn to build the peaks, drops and CLIMAXES that make people want to play your track again and again.

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EQ8: Presets for Electronic Music

If you want to learn more about EQ'ing, sometimes the best way is to use some professional presets that give you a little guidance.

These presets for EQ8 will help you EQ your kick drums, basslines, vocals and synths with specific frequencies to make your sounds pop out through the mix.

They also help you find the right place to cut frequencies and remove the muddy, wooden, flubby, boxy, nasal and scratchy parts of your sounds.

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Session Lesson -- Master Channel FX Rack

Learn how to make your track louder and sound like it stands up to a pro mix.

This is a basic mastering lesson using EQ, Compression and Limiters.   

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Session Lesson -- Mix Your Kick Drums

Learn a quick & effective process for mixing electronic kick drums with hands-on lessons to make thumpy, subby and 808-type BOOOOM kick drums. 

You'll get familiar with basic audio engineering tools like EQ, High-Pass Filter, Compression & Limiter,

and end up with kick drum presets that you can use on all your tracks to get a tight bottom and solid thump.

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Session Lesson -- Drum Breaks FX Rack

Drum breaks and fills make your tracks explode!  ...but they're never really usable right from a sample or loop. 

This lesson shows you how to make your breaks, drum fills & tom rolls cut through the mix, without muddying up the low end... to send your transitions & tracks over the top!

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Session Lesson -- Sidechain Compression

Want to make your kick drum feel louder without turning it up?

Learn how to use sidechain compression to duck the bassline out of the way and make your synths pulse & breathe.

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