Escape the 8-Bar Loop



The course covers specific Audio & MIDI production techniques, key commands, and principles of Composition that work for every genre of electronic bass music.

Not only that, you do them all hands-on inside built-in session lessons -- Ableton Projects with activities for you to do inside the program, and learn by DOING it (not by watching video tutorials).

Watch the video to see how the course works.

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Scroll down through the modules to see how it's organized to help you turn your ideas into actual songs.

Click 'View Teaser Module' to see what's included with the hands-on session lessons & bonus FX presets (they're REALLY fun) >>

Teaser Module

7 Lessons

Here's the Teaser Module. Come in and see what you get in the course.

View Teaser Module
Module1: Bus Groups

7 Lessons

Module1 gives you a lesson in using Bus Groups to organize the tracks in your session, along with some essential workflow tips to help you avoid major problems later. 

Module2: Clip Stacks

6 Lessons

In this module we will develop our basic loops to make phrases, variations and extensions of each musical idea. 

These will become the ingredients for our song sections.

Module3: Building Blocks

10 Lessons

In this module we will fire off our clips, make new scenes, and turn them into building blocks of our song -- the Intro, the buildup, the gap, the DROP, etc.

Module4: Transitions

7 Lessons

In this module we'll learn what a transition is, how to use it and how to add the spices that make each song section really explode.  

Crash cymbals are one example, but we have a lot more than that to play with.


Module5: FX and Controllers

8 Lessons

This lesson has some tips on using FX, on mapping them to your MIDI controllers, and a little tour of the FX that come with the course (for you to save and use in your own sessions later).

Module6: Bonus Content

8 Lessons

These lessons give you the bonus FX racks, instruments, and printable PDF files from what we did in the course.